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Birds Eye UAS is a professional aerial photography and video company. We specialize in low level aerial photography, video and mapping, including multi-spectral imaging using sophisticated aircraft, carrying a variety of HD cameras on stabilized gimbals.


Agricultural & Insurance


Precision Ag

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As technology progresses, farmers have more and more tools at their disposal to help them net the best possible harvest. Drones have begun to change the way many farmers aerial survey their crops. Instead of crop imaging with a manned aircraft ­ using more time and money, ­drones are able to follow pre-planned flight paths developed by their software. They can achieve maximum coverage of crops using optimized sensors to obtain the best quality images and farm data for later study. This is superior to satellite imagery due to the fact that pictures are a much higher quality and the aircraft flies below cloud ceilings so the view is always unobstructed. Being able to dictate the height at which a drone flies gives you the ability to realize things that were originally much harder to perceive. For example, pest and fungal issues, irrigation problems, and soil variation all become incredibly easier to pick up on when using drones.

Periodic overflights provide real time updates showing farmers problem areas and where crop management could be better applied. Examples of useful, tangible, actionable information that is acquired from an overflight.

Courtesy of Colby AgTech https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w-MwtUuHuU4

Disclaimer: As a commercial aerial services company certified by the FAA we capture aerial imagery. We do not provide Engineering, Surveying or Photogrammetry services that are regulated and require governmental licensing.

We do collaborate with Engineering, Surveying and Photogrammetry companies under their supervision to capture images for subsequent processing. We do not measure or interpret geographic information in order to create and update maps and charts for regional planning, education, emergency response, and other purposes.

The images we capture can be assembled to produce a variety of products.  These assets may require governmental licensing to deliver.  

  • Orthomosaic - Volumetrics, track assets, annotate maps, measure distance, area, and volume, or make notes for later reference.

  • NDVI - Precision Ag crop data, normalized difference vegetation index (NDVI) is a respected index for assessing vegetation health

  • 2D and 3D Models - Including elevation, digital surface and terrain models.


As technology and digital engagement accelerate at an exponential pace in other industries, the insurance industry has recognized the incredible opportunity to invest in technological trends like telematics, the Internet of Things and drones.

Streamline Claims Adjustment and Underwriting

Drones help insurance companies quickly collect aerial inspection data, which is ideal for residential and commercial roof inspection, damage repair and claims adjustment. Aerial data is uploaded from the field automatically to the cloud for analysis and processed to generate accurate estimates.

Using these new technologies signifies an improved way to successfully capture, store and cull data, which ensures better, more-targeted insurance products for customers and reduction in future losses. When it comes to insurance, drone technology has numerous everyday use cases from underwriting, to loss prevention, to claims adjusting, to disaster recovery.

Accident Investigations

Case Study | Forensic Inspections

  • After a disaster, it’s important to clean up and rebuild, but it’s also critical to capture the site as it is so that the damage can be assessed. Drone mapping gives insurance companies a fast, easy way of accurately documenting the scene, preserving key details while letting the process of cleanup and reconstruction begin as quickly as possible…..case study


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