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Birds Eye UAS is a professional aerial photography and video company. We specialize in low level aerial photography, video and mapping, including multi-spectral imaging using sophisticated aircraft, carrying a variety of HD cameras on stabilized gimbals.


Industrial Inspections, Construction, Engineering & Mapping


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Birds Eye Unmanned Aircraft Systems can produce vivid, real time documentation in order to assess critical systems. For Example, Power lines and other tall structures require maintenance, often on a recurring scheduled. To document their condition, personnel have to laboriously climb them or employ helicopter operators at great expense. A cost effective alternative is now available.

The use of drones for Industrial Inspections is a natural solution. Unmanned aircraft can reveal inaccessible areas with high definition cameras and infrared sensors. By remotely  maneuvering the aircraft safely from a ground station companies can eliminate the need to physically inspect a site thus lowering the risk of injury to personnel.

Energy suppliers and construction firms have recognised this advantage and are now using these systems for technical documentation. For example, a drone can hover around the periphery of a support beam and capture vivid, sharp images from different angles giving inspectors a detailed view.  In the case of telecom towers, a drone can be used to assess the entire structure from top to bottom, safely.

Construction assets including materials, equipment, temporary roads and structures can be easily identified and labeled with high-definition images and maps. Stockpile volumes can be automatically calculated, for site and resource planning.

Periodic flights provide project managers, general contractors and survey managers with up to date reporting to better track construction progress, manage resources, reduce downtime, and keep projects on schedule and under budget.

The horizontal nature of Civil Engineering lends to some practical and creative uses of UAVs. From planning to final construction, nearly every stage of the engineering process can benefit from the airborne platform.

In addition to incredible imagery, our mapping services produce precise elevation data, contour lines, and fast 3D modeling, as well as data export to other engineering systems. For jobsite analysis, we acquire multiple georeferenced images from an autonomous flight over your construction site, then transfer this data to a web application for processing in the cloud. The resulting reports generate 3D point clouds, 2D orthographic views and 3D mesh models. This information can be imported into other Autodesk applications, such as Revit or Civil 3D, allowing for further in depth analysis and planning.

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